No Fall Off

Evidence from sequential superovulation programmes shows that Ovagen™ can be used repeatedly on the same donor animal, at regular intervals, with minimal fall-off in response. This is usually not possible with high LH or variable LH products. Ovagen™ customers have made the observation that:

  • they can superovulate at regular intervals with no fall off in response, recovery of ova or number on quality of transferable embryos (Genus Embryo Transfer Services, UK)
  • no antibodies were discovered in blood samples taken during a large programme, after a few sequential treatments (INRA, France)

This information, and other verbal reports from customers, which are not published, suggests that antibody responses to Ovagen™ are minimal. This could be a result of Ovagen's Ovine base. Physiologically sheep are much closer to cattle than pigs. Therefore any resistance should be lower than with a Porcine based product.